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07 January 2009 @ 07:41 pm

"Everything is so sad and so wonderful."

 - Cloris Leachman

   January 2009


James Power:  Luther, what happened? I got over here as soon as I could.


Luther Brixton:   Oh, Jesus, Jim! Jesus Fucking Christ, I hate this life!


James Power:  How are you feeling?


Luther Brixton:  What happened to them? The people in the other car? Do you know?


James Power:  Don’t worry about it, Luther.


Luther Brixton:  Oh, Jesus God! … Shit, shit, shit!


James Power:  Alright. Take it easy … Luther, do you need anything?


Luther Brixton:  No.


James Power:  .. I’ll put the TV on for you.


Luther Brixton:  I don’t want the TV on… Shit!


James Power:  .. The new issue of VAIDADE hit the stands this week. It’s very funny. You’re hysterical, as always.

Luther Brixton:  You know for years and years I drank. I drank every Goddamn night! And I’d get up first thing every morning and go to work so hung over you could dry sand in my mouth.  I’d drive 70 miles back and forth. Three major highways. Day after day. Every day. Never so much as a nick on my car. Never even came close… Now, I clean up my act. I don’t drink. I don’t do jack shit. Cold Goddamn sober every day and I’ve had 3 accidents in the past year!


James Power:  Yeah...


Luther Brixton:  What’s the point, Jim? Of any of this shit? 


James Power:  .. I brought you some Dinning Sisters CD’s.


Luther Brixton:  I wish I was dead, Jim…. Do you know what that’s like?


James Power:  Yes, I do.


Luther Brixton:  And what did you do? 


James Power:  I killed myself. It was a damn shame.


Luther Brixton:  Don’t try to make me laugh.


James Power:  Look, I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t have any words of wisdom.



Luther Brixton:  When I was young, I always saw something to keep me going. Felt there was something positive to shoot for. Something through all the bullshit to make it worthwhile… It’s just shit now. That’s all I see… Shit… And when I’m gone someone else will be born and find the same thing…


James Power:  .. I remember when I was about 19 my hairline started to recede. I knew at that point I could never again have long hair without looking freakishly unattractive.  It really sucked.


Luther Brixton:  You’re not seriously comparing a receding hairline to this are you?


James Power:  I realized I was facing something I’d never faced before. The down side of getting older.  As with most things in life it happens gradually. Change leads to more change and ..


Luther Brixton:  And then you die! That’s’ fucking beautiful, Jim! You want to make sure they put that on my fucking tombstone?


James Power:  Changes happen every day of your life, Luther. Most changes are minor, but it’s inevitable that if you live long enough some changes are going to be severe.  That’s when you have to look inside yourself and draw upon your life experiences … to determine how you’re going to deal with those changes.


Luther Brixton:  Jim, I’ll be 84 years old in October. What am I supposed to learn? Honestly? What’ll it get me at this point?


James Power:  I don’t know… The strength to deal with the next major change? I don’t know.


Luther Brixton:  Sorry to let you down, Jim, but I don’t care any more… about anything.



James Power:  Let me ask you something…. Anna Belle Lee…. You had to have known deep down that she was never going to be interested in you all those years ago. Still you pursued her relentlessly. You were crazy about her despite her complete indifference to you. It kept you going somehow. How did that work? How did you find the strength to do that?


Luther Brixton:  I saw myself with her, Jim. I always saw myself with her. Whether she’d have me or not, she was my girl. “The most beautiful woman in the Creole.”


James Power:  But that strength you found was not from her. Not from anything she had done. You found it in yourself. You created it. You. 100%… You’re a good man, Luther, whether this world ever gives you a fair shake or not.  You’re a good man.


Luther Brixton:  Anna Belle Lee is gone. And that part of me is gone, too.


James Power:  Bullshit! All that came from within you. Every bit of it. She gave you nothing and she took nothing with her.


Luther Brixton:   God, Jim! Jesus fucking God! What did I do? What the hell did I do?


James Power:  You did the best you could. No one’s perfect, Luther. You hit the gas instead of the brake. That’s all you did … Look, I understand the giant “Fuck You” you want to send to this entire world right now for everything you’ve been through. To have this happen on top of everything else…. There’s no rhyme or reason or any sense to any of this. But you need to take everything you found within yourself that made Anna Belle Lee special to you, and take that with you every step of the way…. Do it for everyone who went through all this shit before you. Do it for all the assholes that you know you’re better than... OK, do it for Anna Belle Lee. Do it for Jo Stafford. Do it for the Dinning Sisters.


Luther Brixton:  Yeah … The Dinning Sisters.


James Power:  Yeah … The Dinning Sisters.


Luther Brixton:  I’ll do it for the Dinning Sisters.

Hospital Nurse: I’m going to have to ask you to leave now. Mr. Brixton needs his rest.


Luther Brixton:  Hey … thanks, Jim.


James Power:  You’ll be here when I get back, right?


Luther Brixton:  Right.


James Power:  Get some rest…. I left a copy of Esquire on your table. There’s a good feature on Cloris Leachman.


Luther Brixton:  I love Cloris Leachman!


James Power:  Who fucking doesn’t?

Current Music: Wynonie Harris - Just Like Two Drops of Water