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12 May 2008 @ 08:02 pm

I had the delightful pleasure this weekend of reading the first release, in what I hope will be a long line of literary classics, from Jenna Welch Bush. Her epic novel, Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope, will most likely change your mind on what writing stuff is all about!


As someone who enjoys writing stuff myself, I was very impressed by the expansive creativity and unique narrative style of this fascinating young woman. I would go so far as to say it is the coolest book in, like, years!


At a time when so many unimaginative hacks consider themselves "writers", Jenna, much like her father, has rightfully earned her place and status as a published author by hard work and perseverance.


I hope I’m not spoiling it for anyone when I reveal that the story centers around a woman named Ana who is on a journey of hope. One that she hopes will turn out well.


Ana is a complicated character who goes through a lot of stuff, and yet remains resilient in spite of all that stuff. What kind of stuff? Buy the book!


Ana was on the phone talking to Jeremy. Jeremy was cute and all but Ana had noticed another kid in school named Ashley. Ashley was HOT! His name was kind of weird, 'cause Ana already had a friend named Ashley who was a girl, but Ana still wanted to know him. What did he think about? What kind of stuff was he into? Did he have a girlfriend? And most importantly, did he think she was cute?


It’s the way the words just jump off the page! How Jenna can capture the most seemingly mundane details and make them come to life for the reader. Kind of like when you pour water on a sponge and it gets bigger. It’s a lot like that.


And it’s not all peaches and cream for Ana. She must tackle some pretty big issues on her journey of hope. It’s how Jenna incorporates these issues into the story, and how she gets the reader to be totally caught up in Ana’s problems, that makes this such a fascinating read.


Ana was pissed! Jessica was at Dylan's party and she was like all over Ashley (the guy not the girl). Jessica knew that Ana was totally into Ashley! How could she do this to her?! The more Ana watched, the angrier she got!


Ouch! The rage and sense of betrayal that Ana feels towards Jessica seems so lifelike and real! You’ll find yourself getting angry right along with Ana, I swear!


Ana got totally wasted! When she found out that Ashley was seeing Jessica she got hammered! She first started doing shots of tequila, and then moved on to bourbon. By the time she got to the Johnnie Walker Red, she found herself running down the street totally naked and crying! It was a horrible, horrible night for Ana! One that she wouldn’t remember.. Or would she?


WOW! Hang in there Ana!.. Oh, wait! Ana’s just a fictional character! Man! See how easy it is to get drawn in by Jenna Bush’s awesome writing?!!


Ana got into a car with some strange dude she'd seen earlier at the bar. He told her he'd drive her home ‘cause it was late. At first everything seemed cool. Then this crazy dude started perving on Ana because she was naked!


"Eww, gross! You dork! Get off!"


Finally, the night of heavy drinking and running around naked began to catch up with Ana. She threw up all over the dude's car! But even worse, she threw up all over herself! When the car came to a stop, Ana got out and started running down the street again. Now, not only was she naked, drunk, and crying, but she also had puke all over her body!


Have you ever read anything like that in your life?! And the whole book’s like that! Shakespeare would shit his pants if he read anything that good!


I don’t want to ruin it by giving too much away, so just buy the book! It’s probably the best book in years – maybe longer!


On a scale of 1 to 5 I’m definitely giving it a 7!


The most awesome storybook thing this year! 

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