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28 April 2008 @ 10:50 pm

Ok, let’s start again. What part of the story line did you have trouble with? Pled Peck is an adventurer. He lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Like me, he’s a writer, but he also plays guitar and sings occasionally  (ya know, like Elvis always did in his movies) Plus, he encounters amazingly weird situations! .. What kind of amazingly weird situations?.. Well, I take those largely from my own experiences. BELIEVE me, I’ve had one weird-ass life and my experiences need little embellishment! … No, strike that .. Pled Peck encounters the “unknown” with “spine-tingling suspense” and finds himself in “cliff-hanging” and “anxiety inducing” circumstances! Does he know that his best friend is going to hook up with a low-rent, sleaze-bag, hair-stylist, ho' from Bensalem, Pennsylvania, who will try endlessly to seduce him? How will he get out of THAT situation?! ... Or how about, he meets a single woman he has so much in common with that they can finish each others sentences, they share eerily similar pursuits, can call upon the same archaic references that few others know, yet she refuses to talk to him or get to know him because (like him) she’s enormously stuck-up and thinks she's too good for such riff-raff! How will Pled Peck deal with THAT double-whammy!!!? …. There’s a lot more like that… I was also thinking that there would be flashbacks to his childhood. Imagine he’s a very introverted child and one day, as he’s walking along the rim of a huge water fountain that adorns the center of a shopping mall, suddenly, in front of maybe 30-40 people, he slips and falls into the fountain! Is completely submerged and rises from the water to howling laughter! HOW will Pled Peck get away from THAT psychologically scarring event unscathed! .. I’m telling you, I have so many screwed-up situations I’ll put Pled Peck in that people will be clamoring for the next installment!


 Stay tuned!



Current Music: The Flying Burrito Brothers - Hot Burritos! Anthology 1969-1972
28 April 2008 @ 11:23 pm

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of country singer/writer/performer Red Foley. I’m always on the lookout for his recordings. This week I picked up one of his last albums released in 1965, the long out-of-print LP ‘Songs Everybody Knows’.  The liner notes are particularly interesting. Not only because Cowboy singer extraordinaire Tex Ritter wrote them, but because of the thinly-veiled hostility Tex had, not only for The Beatles, but it seems for all rock n’ roll performers. You just don’t see liner notes this honest and vitriolic any more. As with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s put down of Neil Young on Sweet Home Alabama, I don’t agree with the message but I sure do like the anger!


For clarification, here is what Tex Ritter wrote:


… I’ve yet to hear of his (Red Foley) turning on the I’m-A-Star business, high-hatting anyone or going an inch out of his way to try to impress a single soul. The way some of today’s tight-pants, mop-haired singing rages are known to disillusion their adoring fans by acting as though they are God’s gift to music (if that stuff they stomp out is really music), I wish they had sense enough (or concern enough for their own self-preservation in show business) to seriously study a certain fellow who has stayed on top for 30 years.


Take that, John Lennon! Don’t mess with Texas!


Current Music: Red Foley - Songs Everybody Knows