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04 March 2008 @ 07:30 pm

A lot of people have been asking whatever happened to my manager Luther Brixton. It’s a funny story, actually. Right after his wife committed suicide he got testicular cancer … well, that part of it isn’t so funny I guess, but I was in Shreveport over the weekend and ran into him in front of the old ‘Anton’s Circle Jerk Groceries’ (they don’t sell groceries any longer, but you can still get good circlejerks on Sundays). I asked if he’d be interested in sitting down for a brief interview to discuss the music, talk about old times, and to find out where his head’s at these days. He agreed. So, here is the abbreviated interview I held with Luther Brixton this past weekend in his home state of Louisiana: 2 March 2008. Enjoy!


James Power: Luther, it’s good to see you! I don’t think you and I have sat down and talked – really talked – since the Real, Real Man CD came out and you got caught up in that whole whirlwind of public relations and marketing.. How are you doing?.. Were you able to clear your name in Myanmar? Sorry I left without posting your bail, but I told you I didn’t feel good about playing there.


Luther Brixton: ... James ... Power ... you ... son ... of ... a ... bitch!


James Power: Woh! Luther! Hold on! You were the one who said we should start at the bottom and work our way up. I was the one who said we were in New York and we should start somewhere near the top and work from there… Myanmar, Somalia, Equatorial Guinea .. those were YOUR ideas! I never boasted of my “connections” there!


Luther Brixton: ... I don’t want to talk about it... What happened to that girl you were writing all those songs about? Don’t tell me you routed that one, too.


James Power: What do you mean “too”? Who else was I that interested in? I meet ONE girl this entire millennium who inspires me and captures my imagination and you act like it’s a weekly occurrence!


Luther Brixton: NO, NO, NO! I GOTTA hear this one! When the great toe-spreadin’ lover strikes out like that, there’s GOT to be a good story behind it!


James Power: There was no “toe-spreadin”. She wasn’t interested in me ... I think she had issues with intimacy.


Luther Brixton: hee-hee


James Power: What?


Luther Brixton: nothing


James Power:  She had some bad things happen in her past and I think that when she sensed I was interested in her, she decided I wasn’t worth knowing and kept running away from me. To this day she knows nothing about me other than that I’m a musician.


Luther Brixton: Gee. And to think ‘Real, Real Man’ didn’t steal her heart!


James Power: Damnit, Luther! How many times do I have to tell you? That was tongue-in-cheek! Like Dion’s ‘The Wanderer’. I wasn’t saying that I – James Power – have “Rosy on my left, and Mary on my right”, that I’m the world’s greatest lover, that I can throw a lasso far as the eye can see...


Luther Brixton: Easy, easy! I don’t think it was the lasso part of the song that people thought was misogynistic.


James Power: Oh! Misogynistic! Mis-ogy-O-nys-tic! Suddenly, a guy who hangs out in front of grocery stores and pisses his pants can speak 5 syllable words and pretend he’s erudite.


Luther Brixton: Ari who?


James Power:  Erudite. You know. Urbane. Au Courant.


Luther Brixton: Oh, here we go. You and your 'pretty French words'. What is it with you and French all the time? What’s that line? “Pour être par vous belle dame” Ha-ha-ha!  or in ‘Honeysuckle Cottage’  “C’est bon, c'est bon!”


James Power: Drop it.  So, who are you voting for this year?


Luther Brixton: Bob Dole. Same as every year.

James Power: I don’t have to tell you. He’s not running.


Luther Brixton: No, you don’t have to tell me.


James Power: And you’re voting for him because?


Luther Brixton: Because he was always a straightshooter! No bullshit.


James Power: Watch the language.


Luther Brixton: No nonsense all the way! I still remember when he ran with Jerry Ford in ’76 against Carter. Some time during the campaign a blood vessel burst in his eye. Made him look truly hideous. Yet, every day, there he was. Out there, before the cameras, lookin’ like a demon… A straightshooter, that man!.. I have to admit. I shed a tear when he died.


James Power: He’s not dead.


Luther Brixton: What?


James Power: Bob Dole. He’s still alive. He’s not dead.


Luther Brixton: … That girl you writing all them songs about and getting all moony over....


James Power:  I didn’t get all “moony” over her... I don’t even know what the hell “moony” means, but knowing you it probably involves staining your trousers.


Luther Brixton: With me it DOES involve staining my trousers.  Touché …  but that’s not what the word means. Anyway, what did she look like? I never saw her.


James Power: Nobody ever saw her. She didn’t want to be seen with me. That was a big part of the problem... She looked like… I don’t know who she looked like… She was one of a kind. My idea of beautiful…. Maybe a little like Allison Moorer.


Luther Brixton: This would probably be a good place to insert a picture of Allison Moorer if you decide to post this interview online.



Luther Brixton: Wow! I can almost see her.. sitting in an upside-down armchair.. in the middle of a field .. with sexy cowgirl boots .. mm, mm!


James Power: Alright, Luther. Don’t get 'moony' on me.


Luther Brixton: And you two had a lot in common?!


James Power: Yeah, you know. The whole writing thing; the creativity; the split personalities; the multiple thoughts; the endless layers of imagination; constantly torn on how best to show the world that 'no one’s got what I got'. We both have that. She just slammed the door in my face and never got to know me. And we’re both the worse off for it. Unfortunately, I’m the only who knows that.


Luther Brixton: Que sera sera… What else did you want to talk about before I head back to Anton’s?


James Power:  Oh, it’s Sunday isn’t it?


Luther Brixton: Yeah. Are you planning on playing out at all? … Not that I’m still interested in managing or any thing.


James Power:  I may be playing out this spring with a couple of people. Both phenomenal musicians. One’s a guy I’ve know since I was a kid. We haven’t been in a band together since we were teenagers. So it’s been interesting.


Luther Brixton: Americana, right.


James Power: You know it! After 8 years of the USA being despised the world over because of the despotic rule of the 2 most morally bankrupt, anti-American, son-of-bitches ever to enter the White House – George W Bush and Dick Cheney – I plan to remind people what’s great about America. And nothing is greater than our music! Red Foley, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, and James Power ... That’s the plan, anyway.


Luther Brixton: Well, good luck with that.


James Power: Talk to you soon, Luther.

Current Music: Marvin Gaye - At the Copa (1966)