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11 February 2008 @ 03:01 pm

Welcome to the #1 exercise program for Multi-Species Fitness! Regardless of where you are on the evolutionary scale! Whether you have flanks or shanks, paws or claws, wings or springs, Wombo will help YOU to feel better about YOURSELF! To feel prouder about WHAT you are – WHATEVER you may BE!

And now …. Here’s Wombo!


Good morning and welcome to ‘Exercising with Wombo’! I’m Wombo and I’m glad you could join us today!


First up, I’ve been receiving many cards and letters from those of you who say you have trouble keeping up with my program because your appendages are not designed to stretch or stand on! … Oh, Really? REALLY?! … All I can say to that is this -- Do you see the humans?! Do you see what they’re doing?! Are you content to know that they’re the ONLY ones walking upright and building things?? Are you cool with that? ‘Cause I’m not!!


Listen, not long ago I was just like you. Sleeping in the tall grass, pouncing on little things for sustenance, constantly licking my ass, and basically getting nowhere FAST! Then I came across a program that changed my life. A program that I highly recommend to those of you struggling to stand up and take control of your life! The program was called ‘Conquest for the Planet of the Apes’. It was an eye-opening true story about these apes who decided that being hunched over and lumbering along like knumbskulls was getting them nowhere. It was a completely self-defeating lifestyle. And make no mistake – those of you who say you can’t “stand” or “walk upright” – it’s a lifestyle choice that YOU make! And it’s a choice YOU can break!


Anyway, these apes took control of their destiny, became the rulers of their land, and were able to make the humans their slaves! Sound like fun?! OK!


Now everyone! Let’s all stand and sing the Wombo Song we practiced last week:


   “Wombo is Magnificent! Wombo is so Good!

    Wombo Knows What’s Best For Me! Watch him Shake his Stuff!”


   “Wombo is Magnificent! Wombo is so Good!

    Wombo Knows What’s Best For Me! Watch him Shake his Stuff!”


    “All Hail Wombo!”

Current Music: David Ruffin - David