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29 January 2008 @ 03:21 pm

Every once in awhile I have something that I like to call ‘Clear Thoughts’. These are moments of clarity that are surprisingly unaffected by what I like to call ‘Muddy Thoughts’ (sorry for all the technical jargon). As a man or woman on earth, you find that your thoughts get muddy the more you live and the more you learn. Clear Thoughts, at least for me, usually burst out of a semi-dream state (early morning or late evening) and generally seem to ring so true that I feel I should tell people about them… but then I remember how bored I get when people tell me things – and things that take longer than 2-3 minutes to explain are usually BORING – that I figure it’s probably best to either keep these Clear Thoughts to myself or to harness them in writing. So, today I will use my colossal writing skills to relate a Clear Thought that I had recently while on a trip to Dubai.

Many, if not most, people have very strong and very irrational views about what happens to you when you die. Instead of just pondering the idea of “what will happen when I die” with the understanding that we can never REALLY know for sure what happens, it seems most people feel compelled to follow some doctrine that tells them (to tell themselves) to KNOW DAMN WELL what will happen in death! So much so that they build statues, create superfluous rules, dress in silly garb, burn all manner of smelly incense, and (more often than not) accept mass-murder in righteous battle, as all perfectly OK, seeing as it’s blessed and all. Even though, truth be told, they have to know deep down that their beliefs are completely manufactured – and no doubt if they could see the guys that came up with these beliefs they’d say, “I’ve been following what THIS GUY wrote!!??”

So, with this as basis for what humans must quickly come to terms with while visiting earth, I had the following Clear Thought about death. 

Since things in life follow a predictable pattern (i.e. the sun rising & setting, gravity causing things to fall to earth, fat people laughing when food is put in front of them, etc.), here is my Clear Thought on Death: I believe that when you die what happens to you will seem so obvious, so predictable, and so expected, that your reaction will be, “Of course!! Of course this is what happens when you die!” It won’t be some magical corridor or ostentatious place that for centuries people have written so poetically about and painted glorious paintings of and built an endless number of religions and orthodoxy around (not to mention created some kick-ass songs). No, I believe that what will happen will be so astoundingly simple and obvious – a step so apparent to what we see every day – that it has eluded our thought processes in it’s incredible obviousness. 

I’m not saying that I KNOW what this obvious, predictable, and incredibly apparent step is – that Clear Thought has yet to come to me – but based on the logical flow of how everything happens in life, even all the most horrible and inhumane things, I guarantee the hocus pocus, magic show, boo-boo imagery that religions create will never materialize (have you ever known boo-boo imagery to come true??).

Instead, when you die, your immediate reaction will be “Of course! Of course this is what happens when you die! I should have known!” 

Wait and see. I guarantee that what I’m saying holds a lot of  validity. My Clear Thoughts always do.

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