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10 January 2006 @ 04:10 am

"Success means nothing without someone to share it with" - Billy Dee Williams to Diana Ross in 'Mahogany'

A lot of the mail we receive here in the Late Model Human's corporate office is from you – the fans. This is very encouraging as we appreciate your cards and letters very much! While we never expected the recent outpouring of sympathy when our former roadie, the late Nat Lefeld, was held hostage (I don't know why the kidnappers kept sending us fingers and toes. We made it clear that the Late Model Humans do NOT negotiate with terrorists!!), we were surprised by how many of our fans agreed with the bold stance we took! The negative letters encouraging the kidnappers to "have their way" with Nat not withstanding - we still want to say thanks again for your support!

Over the past year we have had some wonderful musical moments (none of which is reflected on the current CD - sorry) and some truly memorable events such as Kriegerfest 2005 and Live8 (we watched some of that on TV) .

It placed me in mind of a movie I saw when I was a young boy called 'Mahogany' with Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams. Mahogany was on top of the world. She was reaping the rewards of the fame and adulation only a supermodel can achieve. Every magazine cover had her picture, every gossip columnist was spreading awful rumors about her, she couldn't go outside without being harassed by the paparazzi. It was truly the American dream come true!

As I come upon another birthday and a new year has just begun, I reflect upon the fact that I am very proud of the quality of the material in this band as well as the level of inspiration apparent in the work. It is something I am very gratified to be a part of.

Several years ago I was very much in love with a lady who decided (for good reasons, no doubt) to move on. I recalled at the time telling a friend of mine that it's funny that what I missed most was not what I had imagined I'd miss. Of course you miss the laughter. And having breakfast on a Saturday morning with the sun breaking through the window - and her homemade biscuits with sausage in gravy. Making love in the middle of the afternoon. Or in the middle of the morning. Or in the middle of the parkway!  ..Taking in the city together. The country. The shore. And planning to get together after work on Friday knowing that for at least 2 whole days the world wouldn't intrude, and you could let loose all the fire and passion that made the work week bearable.

No, while all those things are very memorable that isn't what I missed most. I told my friend that the thing that I missed most is at the end of the day .. when I lay down and turn out the light, there's no one there to pull me close, kiss me, and say goodnight.

"Success means nothing without someone to share it with"

You were absolutely right, Billy ……

Current Music: James Carr - A Man Needs a Woman